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Selling Guide

White Elephant Clothing Exchange accepts gently used men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories. Items must be freshly laundered, neatly folded and brought in a box, bin or bag. We cannot accept items brought in on hangers. You may bring in up to 50 items at one time. We pay sellers 25% in cash or 40% in store credit of the retail price set on each item purchased. Pricing varies and is based on brand, style, condition, and market demand of the item. 

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01 Bring us your items 


Book an appointment and bring us your gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. Sellers must also bring a valid ID. You must be 18+ or bring an adult with you to sell with us. 

02 We review your items


Your buyer will go through your items and make buying selections based on style, brand, condition and current inventory needs. 

03 Get paid


You will receive an offer on the items we wish to purchase from you. If you accept the offer, you can choose to be paid in cash or in store credit. Your store credit never expires and can be used for future visits to the store. 

Steps to selling:

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Maximize Your Profits

  • Ensure your items are clean and free from holes, stains, and fading

  • Bring us items that are name brand and in style 

  • Only bring items in excellent condition- we cannot accept items with loose seams, missing buttons, broken zippers, or excessive wear

  • Check out our "what we buy" page before bringing in your items

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